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Free takeaway home delivery in 45 minutes to Birmingham

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Indian Takeaway in Birmingham

Authentic Indian takeaway food freshly prepared by experience chefs' with fast and efficient delivery service.

Free Home Delivery to all Birmingham postcodes. ( Minimum order £10)

You can now order delicious indian food online and get it delivered to your door with in 40-60 minutes

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Free Home Delivery to all Birmingham areas. Normal Delivery time in about 40 to 60 minutes.


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Below is the list of full postcodes for Birmingham Indian takeaway delivery.

B1 - Birmingham Indian Takeaway > Pizza

B3 - Birmingham B4 - Birmingham B5 - Birmingham B6 - Birmingham
B9 - Birmingham B11 - Birmingham B12 - Birmingham B13 - Birmingham
B16 - Birmingham B17 - Birmingham B18 - Birmingham B19 - Birmingham
B22 - Birmingham B23 - Birmingham B24 - Birmingham B25 - Birmingham
B28 - Birmingham B29 - Birmingham B30 - Birmingham B31 - Birmingham
B34 - Birmingham B35 - Birmingham B38 - Birmingham B40 - Birmingham
B44 - Birmingham B45 - Birmingham B46 - Birmingham B50 - Birmingham
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